Official website of the Faculty of Foreign Studies, Vietnam Maritime University.

Address: Room 211, Building A5, Vietnam Maritime University, 484 Lach Tray St., Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong, Vietnam

Phone No.: (+84) 2253 735 682

Email: ngoaingu@vimaru.edu.vn

Website: http://ngoaingu.vimaru.edu.vn/


Faculty of Foreign Studies which was established on 20/01/2014 majors in English Linguistics and Business English.

There are four divisions with 42 lecturers:

  • Division of General English
  • Division of ESP
  • Division of English Skills
  • Division of Translation, Culture and Linguistics

The Faculty of Foreign Studies offers an innovative curriculum designed to develop advanced English skills and provide knowledge of culture, cross culture, economy, and social life in English-speaking countries. By incorporating stimulating content, our language courses encourage students not merely to study English but to study other subjects in English such as Globalization, TESOL, Critical thinking… Our aim is to nurture internationally oriented, globally competent people who can leverage their English proficiency to expand the inner and outer frontiers of knowledge.

The Faculty of Foreign Studies also provides ESP, EOP, EAP courses to meet the demands of different organizations and companies such as Maritime English, Business English, English for Logistics, English for Customs, English for Shipbuilding, English for Oil and Gas Industry, English for International Law, English for Tourism and Hospitality…