BA in Business English

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Students follow the admission process stated by both Ministry of Education and Training and Vietnam Maritime University.

Code D124 includes these subject groups:

+ English, Maths, Literature

+ English, Maths, Physics

+ English, Maths, Geography

+ English, Literature, History

(Note: English score x2)

Study places 2017-2018: 60 students

A minimum score to be able to enroll in 2014: 18.00 (English x2; Total score of 03 subjects ≥15)A minimum score to be able to enroll in 2015: 26.50 (English x2; Total score of 03 subjects ≥15)
A minimum score to be able to enroll in 2016: 24.50 (English x2; Total score of 03 subjects ≥15)

A minimum score to be able to enroll in 2017: 28.67 (English x2; Total score of 03 subjects ≥15)

  1. Brief introduction of Business English

In this globalization era, business communication among nations is unavoidable. English, indeed, plays a significant role in these communication contexts..

Nowadays, there are many people who are excellent at English; however, they don’t have any chances to train their knowledge and skills in economic and technical fields. On the contrary, those who are good at specialist knowledge and skills in these areas don’t fluent in English. Therefore, Business English was established to meet the society’s demand. Mastering English is an advantage, but mastering Business English is even a greater benefit.


  1. Reasons for choosing Business English

In this new era, English has become an effective means of communication among nations. With more than 60 nations using English as an official language, together with over 100 countries choosing English as a second language, it is obvious that this language has become an irreplaceable international language.

Numerous multinational groups and foreign companies in Vietnam rank English proficiency first in job recruitment process. This reveals the fact that beside specialist knowledge, foreign language proficiency is required to define an excellent employee in integration period.

Objectives of this program is to provide students with basic knowledge about language, culture, applied English skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, logical thinking & critical thinking skills, specialist knowledge including Basic and Advanced Linguistics theories, English for special purposes in economics, business, maritime, translation field, culture and cross-culture of English speaking countries; crucial skills and manners to brainstorm, establish, develop and operate ships. This program also prepares students necessary knowledge and skills to work in diverse fields required using English.

About skills, students applying for BA in English Linguistics will be trained necessary skills to work and develop in professional and integrated environment, including:

+ English skills in both daily and working communication context such as phone communication skills, presentation skill, conference/ meeting skills, negotiation skills, business correspondence skills…

+ English- Vietnamese/ Vietnamese- English interpreting skills

+ Office computer skills, applied informatics

+ Soft skills such as problem-solving skill, teamwork skill, …

+ Self-learning skills and research skills

Job opportunities

After graduate, students are able to work in these following fields: Interpreting, international economic relations and foreign relation departments in many companies, broadcasting companies, international and national organizations in economic, cultural and society fields. Besides, with their basic knowledge about business and trade, they can undertake various positions in many kinds of functional departments of numerous organizations, foreign companies and international affiliate companies, organizations using English in trading and business such as: custom, import-export, sale, customer service, marketing…

Graduate students can also take over English language teaching and researching position in university and college level if their language teaching skills are trained.

Freshmen, sophomores and juniors taking BA in English Linguistics course are able to take their 2nd degree. This 2nd degree could be any available majors in VMU such as Maritime Laws, International Business, Logistics, Ship Production & Offshore Engineering….