Lê Thùy Tâm

Lead a simple life. Be serious in everything relating to my job.

Name: Lê Thùy Tâm
Phone No.: (+84)1223275971
Email address: tam_lethuy@yahoo.com
Home address: Sao Đỏ, Anh Dũng, Dương Kinh, Hải Phòng
Ethnicity: Kinh
Religion: None
Marital status: Married with 1 child
Division: English for Specific Purposes
Working since: Dec 30th, 1997
Educational background:
– Bachelor, English Language – ULIS, Vietnam National University
– Bachelor, Business Management – Hanoi University of Science and Technology
– M.A., Applied Linguistics – La Trobe University – 2001-2004
Foreign languages: English, French